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Italian Maiolica Ceramics – Italienische Keramik

Here you can see a selection of the maiolica ceramics I design and create in my studio in Liguria using traditional Italian pottery techniques. Each piece is thrown on the potter’s wheel with red clay from Montelupo near Florence. After the first bisque firing in my electric kiln I glaze my ceramics with a white glaze and hand paint them with onglaze colour pigments.

I learned the craft of Italian pottery from an Italian studio potter in the ancient ceramic town Albisola. Although I had been already working for many years with clay making sculptures and installations I was immediately fascinated by the practice of creating on the potter’s wheel and by the maiolica technique, that enables me to experiment and paint with many different colours. 

What I love about handmade tableware is how it accompanies us through the many small moments of every day, how it brings light and colour on the table. When I drink from a cup that I take pleasure in looking at and holding, I feel more in tune with myself and I become more attentive. The unique form and colours remind me of the act of creation; the concentration, body and soul energy.