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Here you can see some of my art works that I created from a place of being deeply inspired or intrigued by other artists and writers and also by exhibitions, events or places that I have visited. Making these hommages and femmages is for me a way to translate inspiration from others into my personal visual language and to create visual memories and reminders of art works and experiences that have uplifted and inspired me.

T. Rex, The Children of Rarn, pastel on paper 2016


Elsa Morante – Arturo’s Island, pastel on paper, 2016


Vase for Elsa Morante, 2017


Tove Jansen, The true deceiver, pastels on paper, 2016


Musée de Picasso, Antibes, 2017

Vase for Miriam Shapiro, 2017

Oskar Maria Graf, Das Leben meiner Mutter, pastels on paper, 2016

Anna, hommage to the german artist Anna Oppermann combining dance performance, painting and collage, video, 5 mins, 2014

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