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My art projects are based on my expanded method of collage including moving-image, painting, ceramics and live performance. They evolve via an associative research that combines historical and mythological themes. My works depart from linear progression in an attempt to materialise a radial thinking that links personal logic with scientific inquiry. Pottery, painting as well as performance and dance have become essential to my working process as techniques to physically identify with concepts or narrations, to embody their many possibilities and understandings.

Being a Vessel, ceramics, pastel paintings, 2016 – 2021

Currently  I am working on a series of ceramics, paintings and moving image that I created from a place of being deeply inspired and intrigued by other artists, writers, places or events. I made these works as a way to translate inspiration into my own visual language creating memories and reminders of art works that have uplifted and inspired me, but also to explore what it means to be inspired and influenced by others.

The central piece is the video Anna, an hommage to artist Anna Oppermann combining dance, performance, painting and collage. It is surrounded by a series of earthenware vases and pastel paintings each dedicated to another person or place. To see more images please follow this link: Being a Vessel

To see more art projects please have a look at my Portfolio.

Vase for Ida Kerkovius, 2021